Topic: Invest in Parents

7 insights on investing in working families now

Parents are leaving the workforce as the benefits paradigm they long relied on becomes irrelevant. Companies of every size are feeling the impact of their continuing attrition. Fortunately, there are things you can do now to change that before the workforce damage grows even more acute. 

Our latest report, Invest in Parents NOW+: 7 insights on investing in working families now & moving forward, offers some great ideas. It explains why parents are leaving the workforce and how businesses really do have the power to retain them. Talk to our team to learn the actions companies can take to serve and stabilize a diverse and inclusive workforce.



About the Report

The report is rich in persuasive facts and statistics on the needs of working parents and what’s driving their decisions to leave or stay:

Parental attrition is pervasive in 2021: 40% of working parents are still thinking about leaving, but parents who feel included are 41% LESS likely to leave.

ALL parents, not just new ones, have needs: 55% of families deal with a pediatric health concern. And Covid-19 has DOUBLED child behavioral and mental health issues since September 2020.

Flexibility or flight: 48% of parents were offered a more flexible schedule during the pandemic, while 38% mentioned lack of flexibility as a primary reason for planning to leave.